Who We Are

The Passionists are a worldwide family with a mission to “keep alive the memory of the Passion of Jesus Christ”. We recognise the cross of Christ wherever we meet suffering humanity and the suffering earth. Founded by St. Paul of the Cross as a Catholic Religious Order in 18th century Italy, we have grown into a widely varied Passionist family. For us, the Passion of Jesus is the most wonderful and inspiring work of God’s love.

Our community life of prayer and contemplation at the peripheries moves us to practical solidarity and compassion. So we speak of the God of love revealed in the Passion and Cross. We discern a call to ‘sites of suffering’ inspired by Austin Smith and others. We serve in inner cities and other areas of deprivation. We offer hospitality and mercy to all. Through these and other social justice ministries we express our faith and option for the poor, in imitation of Jesus.

We strive to care for and protect God’s sacred earth, our mother and common home. We work for peace and promote non-violence. Inspired by Pope Francis, we pray for the gift of mercy and witness to the Kingdom of God. In all these ways, we preach the Gospel of the Passion.

Passionists in England and Wales strive, with God’s guidance, to continue the mission of Blessed Dominic Barberi cp. Dominic was the first Passionist to come to England. He risked all and suffered much for the sake of his mission. He founded St Joseph’s Province of the Congregation of the Passion and received John Henry, later Cardinal, Newman, into the Catholic Church. Along with Ignatius Spencer cp, their ecumenical mission has been a great gift for all Christians. The Cross and Passion sisters joined the brothers and priests in their ministry to the poor and the sick in Dickensian England.

The Passionist vocation to ‘keep alive the memory of the Passion’ is today lived also through the Community of the Passion, along with the Passionist Partners, and in our mission in Sweden as well as England and Wales.

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