The Crucified People


Faithful to the example of Jesus, we choose to be alongside especially those who suffer poverty, violence, injustice and exclusion: the crucified of today. Aware of the crucifixions of our time, we see the absence of justice and the absence of God as the two beams of the Cross in the world today. Aware too that we cannot do everything, and reading the signs of the times, we make choices and follow our passion for God’s Reign. And so we choose to be alongside those where our passion takes us.

We choose those who the Bible calls ‘the stranger’, refugees and asylum seekers, and others on the periphery in our country through ethnicity or religion. We choose those suffering from the absence of the God of love and mercy. We choose people living in areas of social deprivation and those living with trauma and neglect. We choose those suffering from abuse of the earth due to mining and other forms of unsustainable activity. We choose those living with HIV and AIDS, and the victims of violence.

We are also painfully aware of the abuse crisis in our Church and society. We are committed to safeguarding and care for every child and vulnerable person.

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Through our Passionist Partnerships we choose:

  • People living in areas of social and urban deprivation – through our Inner City Mission (ICM), and through our Partners ASMF and the Vestibule.
  • People living with HIV and AIDS: especially through working with our partner, CAPS.
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers: especially at Austin Smith House, and our partners Martha House and the Catholic Worker.
  • Those suffering trauma and neglect: especially through the work of psychotherapy, through Riverdale Counselling Services.
  • Those on the peripheries in our country: ethnic minorities, Muslims, and others – especially through our Inner City Mission.
  • Those suffering from an absence of the presence of the God of love and mercy : especially through Minsteracres Retreat House and Parishes.
  • Those suffering from the effects of international mining, especially through our partner London Mining Network.
  • To respond to Pope Francis call to care for the earth, our Common Home, especially through our partner, Green Christian.
  • Victims of Violence – especially through working with our partners in Catholic Worker communities, and promoting Gospel non-violence.