The Crucified God

Our faith is that God entered into the life of His suffering people and His creation by becoming Human in Jesus. Jesus, the Incarnate God, was crucified and rose again. So we speak of the crucified God, whose suffering love continues in history in his crucified people and crucified earth.

Jesus, in his life on earth, sought out especially those on the edges, the marginalised, the poor, the powerless. He lived and acted in solidarity with his suffering sisters and brothers. He also said “whatever you do to the least of these you do to me”. So we can say that wherever we meet suffering humanity or the suffering of the earth, there we can find the Cross of Jesus. God is in solidarity with His suffering people.

So our Passionist spirituality, contemplation, prayer and worship, empowers and inspires, challenges and leads us to stay close to suffering humanity and the suffering earth. We seek to make our lives reflect this image of God in which we are created. We seek to follow faithfully and imitate closely Jesus the Christ. And we seek to be like Mary our Mother, to stand at the foot of the Cross contemplating the Passion of Jesus that continues in history. For it is only through the Passion and Cross that the Hope of Resurrection is born.

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