The Crucified Earth


“The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth” 

– Pope Francis (Laudato Sii)

The earth is our mother, as Pope Francis has reminded us. We confess that we, Christians in general and Passionists in particular, have been slow to respond to her cries. The crucifixion of the earth is the unsustainable exploitation of our planet in the interests of profit and greed. This leads to ecological disaster, brings misery to the world’s poorest people and threatens us all. We have heard the cry of the earth, and are in a process of deepening our response. This crisis desecrates and threatens all life, God’s good creation. The threat flows especially urgently from human induced climate change and other aspects of the human caused environmental crisis. We recognise the call to an urgent response, in our faith and prayer, in our lifestyles and politics, in our spirituality and use of technology, in our priorities and our perceptions, our choices and attitudes.

The well known environmentalist, eco-theologian and Passionist, the late Thomas Berry spoke of the Great Work of our generation. The Spirit is calling us to come to terms with the new age we now live in, the anthropocene, where human decisions will forever decide the shape of life on God’s earth. Ultimately it is a spiritual challenge to our pride, greed and laziness.

Members of the Passionist family are responding by:

  • Seeking to live responsibly day by day.
  • Undertaking environmental audits of our properties.
  • Committing our resources to the work of Passionist Partners, Green Christian and London Mining Network.
  • Revising our policies to ensure we are acting responsibly.
  • Involvement in environmental groups, including Christian Climate Action and others.