Prayers and Sources of Inspiration

Core Passionist Prayers

  The Way of the Cross
  We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you,
  because we are inspired and energised by the memory of Your Passion,
  and so we take action with the Crucified of today. 
  We share in the joys and sorrows of our brothers and sisters who are marginalised,
  and so we announce the Gospel of the Passion of Jesus the Christ.

  May the Passion 
  of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  And the sorrows of Mary our Mother
  Be always in our hearts.

  Everything in Heaven and on Earth
  and under the earth
  Must bend the knee before the name of Jesus,
  And every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord
  Dwelling in the presence of God the Father.

Prayers of Passionist Saints

The lives and work of Passionists from history continue to inspire us:

Ignatius Spencer

Blessed Dominic Barberi

Other Prayers and Reflections

We are inspired by others who live and work for crucified people and the crucified earth. Here are just a few reflections, prayers and quotations which are special to us as Passionists:

Therese Vanier
What we do is very little

Coventry Cathedral
Litany of Reconciliation

Prayer of Oscar Romero

Dorothy Day
Even Jesus Failed

Pope Francis
The Joy of the Gospel

Henry Nouwen
What Compassion asks us