1st March 2019

The Passionists will have a stall at tomorrow’s Flame event in London. The largest gathering of young Catholics in the UK, over 8000 young people will gather at the SSE Arena in Wembley for a mixture of talks and music designed to shape Catholic Youth Ministry in England and Wales.

The theme for this year’s event is The theme for our day is ‘Significance’, defined as “worthy of attention,” “with meaning,” “important.” In terms of Scripture, it is a word which resonates deeply with God’s words from heaven at the Baptism of Jesus, and the Transfiguration, “You are my Beloved.”

The Passionists’ will run an activity using resources from photographer Sean Hawkey’s book “The Real Face of Jesus”. Sean visited Honduras and photographed men, women and children named Jesus from a variety of backgrounds, most who have had to contend with poverty, violence, corruption or the effects of climate change.

Young people will be encouraged to “see” Jesus differently and look for the face of Christ in those who they perceive as “different”, inspired by the quotation of our founder St Paul of the Cross who said “The name of Jesus is written on the forehead of the poor.”

The Jesus pictured in the photo is María de Jesús Pérez Vásquez:

“I’m 92. I was a midwife for 60 years. The secret to a long life is to rest enough but not too much, eat as little as a child eats and work hard.”

Find out more about Sean Hawkey’s work at his website www.hawkey.co.uk.