Passionist Contemplative Nuns

Mother Regina Cappelletti and Mother Monica Curran are two contemplative Passionist nuns in England.  Recently they moved into a new convent, built within the grounds of Minsteracres. The new convent was blessed on 9th July 2017 by Bishop Seamus Cunningham: the feast day of Our Lady of Holy Hope.  The convent offers space for private prayer and solitude during the day.

The nuns belong to a branch of the Passionist family which goes back to the 18th century. The founder of the Passionists, St. Paul of the Cross, felt that a contemplative community of women would enhance the apostolic and pastoral ministry of the Passionists, keeping vigil at the foot of the Cross with Our Lady of Sorrows.  The first community was established in the 1770s, and Passionist Nuns have been in England for 55 years.

Mothers Regina and Monica say:

“Coming to Minsteracres has really been a journey home, reminding us that we are part of this large and varied Passionist family, which we pray for every day. Please come and see our beautiful chapel the next time you visit Minsteracres.”