Key Day for Ecological Protest & Campaigning

16th November 2018

Tomorrow promises to be a key day for ecological protest and campaigning in the UK as Passionist Partners Green Christian hold their Annual Members Meeting whilst our own Fr Martin Newell takes part in a protest organised by Extinction Rebellion.

Members of Green Christian will be gathering at St Andrew’s church, Waterloo, London, with Bishop David Atkinson, a writer on the recent upsurge in ecological anxiety. At the same time hundreds, potentially thousands, of protestors will be assembling around Parliament, just across the River Thames, for an act of mass civil disobedience, to highlight the urgent nature of our ecological crisis.

Paul Bodenham, chair of Green Christian, said:

“Many members of Green Christian feel solidarity with the protestors who will be gathering in Parliament Square.  The world is becoming an anxious place because government is failing in its duty to protect the people and the planet. Scientists are telling us that current policy commitments are falling catastrophically short.  As history shows, some paradigms can shift only when people break the law. We will be praying for the event – for the protestors and the authorities – that it remains peaceful and achieves its aims.”

At the Green Christian event Bishop Atkinson will use passages from the bible, and insights from his new book ‘Hope Rediscovered – Biblical Wisdom for an Anxious World’, to help those attending hold on to hope in the light of what appears to be an impending ecological catastrophe. To find out more about the event and sign up to attend, see their page on Eventbrite.