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Are you searching for a way to make God’s love and presence more real, in your own life and in the lives of others? Especially the love of God for the crucified of today?

We hope that we can help you in that search, and that you can help us. There are a number of ways in which you can share in our life, work and mission.

The Community of the Passion
A dispersed community of men and women, living our own lives in mutual and prayerful support. We are committed to practical solidarity with the crucified of today. Some of us are married, some are single, some are vowed or ordained, most of us are Catholics, all of us are Christians. We meet regularly.

Find out more information about the Community of the Passion.
For more information about how to join, contact us.

The Congregation of the Passion (cp)
A Religious Order of men in the Catholic Church (more information). Joining us means a lifetime commitment to a vowed and prayerful community life, in solidarity with the crucified of today. For more information about the process, contact us and see our Vocations blog (coming soon).
Details about the process (coming soon).

It is also possible to volunteer with us.

Sisters of the Cross and Passion (women)
A Religious Order of women in the Catholic Church: see their website for more information.