Inner City Mission

“The empowerment of the powerless is our objective. Until that is achieved, we seek to suffer with them, as we search for union with God through union with the powerless.”

Passionists began moving to Britain’s inner cities in 1971. We seek to be alongside those suffering there from injustice and deprivation, to join them in the struggle for life and justice. Here, we contemplate and witness to the realities of crucifixion as well as resurrection in our land in our day. We continue to be a faithful presence seeking to be in solidarity with those who live and work in neglected places such as these.

Today there is a Passionist presence in the cities of Birmingham, Liverpool and Newcastle.


Austin Smith House is a Passionist community of prayer, hospitality and resistance. See our webpage to find out more.


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Guardian obituary of Austin Smith cp, who spearheaded the move of Passionists to inner cities and lived in Toxteth, Liverpool