Community of the Passion


The Community of the Passion is a dispersed community of women and men finding together a new way of being Passionist. Married and single, we engage in practical solidarity with the crucified of today in our daily lives. We are inspired by St Paul of the Cross and his vision of the Passion and Cross as “the most wonderful work of God’s love”. Committed to prayer with and for each other, we find God in our encounter with and commitment to all those who are poor, powerless and suffering. We support each other in our living out of our faith and discipleship.

Are you seeking for a way to nourish your faith? Are you looking to strengthen your commitment to the crucified of today and the crucified earth, in a common search with others in the midst of your normal daily life?

Watch this video to find out more about the story of The Community of the Passion and what inspires its members:

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