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404, 2018

Forgetting and remembering the parenthood of God – John Thornhill

Recently I was on a flight, sitting in a row of seats with two new parents and their baby boy. He was about four months old and this was his first flight. Naturally, his parents [...]

404, 2018

On Good Friday – Nicholas Postlethwaite

Someone asks: “Why do we call today GOOD Friday rather than bad Friday…? Two thoughts occur…... I am struck re-reading John’s account of the Passion with the simple starkness of the reply of Jesus to Pilate [...]

603, 2018

Why I do what I do – Richard Solly

I am sometimes asked whether I, or the organisation I work for, have a theory of change. I usually answer that I do not know what one is. I am more attracted by the language [...]

1201, 2018

Emmanuel ‘God is with us’ – John Thornhill

John Thornhill (Passionist Worker) In a very tender and intimate way, the story of Christmas describes an extraordinary feature of Christian belief: the ‘self-emptying’ of the divine nature by Christ in the Incarnation. The writer [...]

3008, 2017

Near or Far Away: Discovering God – John Thornhill

In an episode, aptly entitled “Hell” of the cult Irish TV series “Father Ted”; Ted and his curate Dougal are enduring a dismal rain-soaked holiday together in a tiny, cramped caravan. To ease the boredom [...]

805, 2017

Between the Cross and the Resurrection – John Sherrington

Between the Cross and the Resurrection - John Sherrington To all intents and purposes, by that ninth hour of that Friday before the feast of Passover began, the Jerusalem hierarchy and oligarchy, [...]

805, 2017

In Defence of Madness – Richard Solly

In Defence of Madness - Richard Solly In 'Black Elk Speaks', Lakota holy man Black Elk laments the destruction of his people's world view, their 'dream', because it was 'a beautiful dream'. [...]

1602, 2017

Dominic Barberi, Oscar Romero and Gandhi – Martin Newell

Homily on August 28th 2016, Dominic’s Day Celebration, at the Passionist Shrine at St Anne’s and Blessed Dominic’s Church, Sutton, St Helen’s, Lancashire. ( 1st Reading: Isaiah 53:1-12 : Gospel: Matthew 16:21-16) About [...]