Austin Smith House

Hospitality, Communal Gardening, Resistance & Witness at Austin Smith House

Austin Smith House is a Passionist community of prayer, hospitality and resistance. We host up to 6 destitute refugees / asylum seekers, providing a safe welcoming home and community, food and some advocacy. We are working on transforming our paved over garden into a place of growth and nourishment for God’s creation, as well providing food for our table and a place for our guests to join us in enjoyable, fulfilling and dignified and literally fruitful work.

We are involved in refugee solidarity and awareness raising activities, such as giving talks and the recent Refugees Welcome Here vigils in Birmingham city centre. We have been involved in peace vigils and demonstrations at UAV Engines, the drones engine factory owned by Elbit, the Israeli arms company, as well as taking part in vigils at the UK’s drones control base at RAF Waddington. We are also looking to start a Catholic Worker group in Birmingham, part of the movement started by Dorothy Day in New York.

See our Facebook page to find out more, or watch the video below.

Contact  John Kearns cp, Martin Newell cp
96 Ivor Road
B11 4NX

0121 772 7933