Walking with the Crucified: Passionist-Supported Projects

St. Joseph’s Province provides support for initiatives that expose and resist misuses of power and that deliver practical responses to relieving the effects of poverty and exclusion. This reflects our belief that the death of Jesus resulted from confrontation with systems that oppress and marginalise, and that His Resurrection gives us hope. We have recently supported the following projects:

Nugent Care

Nugent Care in the North West will be delivering the Community Sponsorship Scheme to bring Syrian families into the UK from refugee camps in Lebanon or Jordon.

This scheme, launched by the Home Secretary and the Archbishop of Canterbury, enables community groups including charities, faith groups, churches and businesses to take on the role of supporting resettled refugees in the UK.

This project reflects the Province priority of “Welcoming the Stranger.”

See the Nugent Care website.



Faiths4Change works to support the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment in the North West.

The charity brings together different faith communities and no religious faith, settled residents and those seeking asylum and refuge to work towards improving the environment of disadvantaged communities.

This project reflects the Passionist commitment to “crucified creation”.

See the Faiths4Change website.


Mental Health First Aid Lite Course

This project is a one day Mental Health First Aid Lite Course for key people involved in pastoral ministry in the Archdiocese of Liverpool.   It recognises that those who are living with mental illness are sharing in the passion of Christ is ways that often go unnoticed.


Feeding Livepool

Feeding Liverpool is a project which aims to create an arena for practitioners to share good practice about emergency food provision and routes out of food poverty.

It is one of a growing network of local projects following the Report of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger in the UK published in December 2014 and called Feeding Britain: A strategy for zero hunger in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

This project also aims to raise awareness and develop greater public understanding of food policy and related issues.

See the Feeding Liverpool website.

Voices for Creative Non-violence

Voices for Creative Non-violence (VCNV) are a UK peace group which formed in 2012 to work in solidarity with Afghan peace makers who are non-violently opposing war.

VCNV regularly visit Kabul to stand in solidarity with Afghan peace activists, as well as being eyewitnesses to the ongoing conflicts. Their campaigning activities include organising conferences, creative campaigns, protests, giving talks, writing articles and creating educational materials.

See the VNCV website.