Recent Reflections

3101, 2019

Reflections on Climate Change & Civil Disobedience

Climate & the Passion of the Earth by Martin Newell CP Our current globalized world began to come into being in the 19th and 20th centuries. Christians and the Churches struggled to adapt to this [...]

911, 2018

Learning to Read the Book of the Universe

Reflection from Lya Vollering: “The Passion of the Cosmic Christ” Lya is a member of Minsteracres Community in County Durham and a member of the Community of the Passion. She has a vibrant theology which [...]

111, 2018

The Daily Martyrdom of Averting Evil

The Daily Martyrdom of Averting Evil 1st November 2018 Homily from Fr. Martin Newell cp, on August 28th 2016, Dominic’s Day Celebration, at the Passionist Shrine at St Anne’s and Blessed Dominic’s Church, Sutton, St [...]

2410, 2018

The Fields, the Slums and the Airport

Richard Solly's Blog: "The Fields, the Slums and the Airport" 24th October 2018 Richard is a member of Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Co-ordinator of London Mining Network. He is also a member of St Thomas [...]

910, 2018

From the Margins: ‘Walton’ St Paul of the Cross Icon

‘Walton’ St Paul of the Cross: An Icon from the Margins 9th October 2018 It is said that “icons” should be “read” and “prayed”.  They are more than simple pictures to be viewed.  The story [...]

1007, 2018

The Value of Faith and Doubt

The Value of Faith and Doubt 10th July 2018 Passionists work in often challenging and even isolated pastoral contexts – gathering together to pray and share can be a life-giving source of inspiration.  And so [...]

404, 2018

Forgetting and remembering the parenthood of God – John Thornhill

Recently I was on a flight, sitting in a row of seats with two new parents and their baby boy. He was about four months old and this was his first flight. Naturally, his parents [...]

404, 2018

On Good Friday – Nicholas Postlethwaite

Someone asks: “Why do we call today GOOD Friday rather than bad Friday…? Two thoughts occur…... I am struck re-reading John’s account of the Passion with the simple starkness of the reply of Jesus to Pilate [...]

603, 2018

Why I do what I do – Richard Solly

I am sometimes asked whether I, or the organisation I work for, have a theory of change. I usually answer that I do not know what one is. I am more attracted by the language [...]

1201, 2018

Emmanuel ‘God is with us’ – John Thornhill

John Thornhill (Passionist Worker) In a very tender and intimate way, the story of Christmas describes an extraordinary feature of Christian belief: the ‘self-emptying’ of the divine nature by Christ in the Incarnation. The writer [...]