Martin appeared before Birmingham Magistrates Court on 28th February 2018 for refusing to pay a fine against the arms trade in 2009.

He was one of a group of protesters from the London Catholic Worker at that time who poured red paint rep-resenting the blood of the victims of the arms trade on a sign advertising the DSEI arms fair.

Martin was fined but has refused to pay the fine. He said in court:

“My action was one of conscientious objection to the arms trade, which is a trade in death. I am continuing the objection by refusing to pay this fine. I appeal to the court to use your conscience and com-mon sense to remit this fine.

“However, if necessary I am willing to go to prison for this. I see it as an act of solidarity with all those who suffer injustice and violence in our world, and an act of witness, of faith in God and humanity, a way of following Jesus who was arrested and brought before a court for standing up for the truth and for right.”

Provincial John Kearns and members of the Community of the Passion: Paschal Somers, and John Thornhill came to support Martin in court, as well as members of the Faith and Resistance Network.