Passionist Partner London Mining Network’s Resistance Event needs your help!

3rd October 2018

London Mining Network (LMN) is an alliance of human rights, development, environmental and solidarity groups working in support of communities around the world who are badly affected by mining – mining by companies based in, or financed from, London.

From 13-20th October they are organising eight days of art, discussion and protest with leading environmental human rights defenders visiting London from Latin America to share their experiences resisting the world’s largest mining company, which “has been devastating communities with impunity for decades.”

They will also come together to call for the UK government to commit to a Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights to end corporate impunity for good. LMN says:

“Communities all over the world are rising against mining violence and building real alternatives and Anglo-Australian owned BHP is the world’s largest multinational mining corporation. Its record of forced displacement, dispossession and catastrophic environmental damage stretches back decades. It is so powerful it is seldom held to account for this devastation, while indigenous, afro-descendant and peasant communities are hardest hit.

“BHP is a clear example of how corporate impunity denies justice to workers and affected communities while it makes massive profits at their expense. This is why we need binding legislation that can put an end to corporate impunity worldwide.”

To help cover the costs of the week of action entitled #BeyondBHP, LMN have launched a Crowdfunding page. Follow the link if you feel moved to contribute financially. And to find out more about the week’s events see the London Mining Network website.

LMN are a Passionist Partner, part of a network of organisations which share Passionist commitment to the “crucified of today”, and were involved in our Partners gathering last month at Minsteracres Retreat Centre.

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