My name is Kasimir Pawlak CP. I have been living in Sweden for 45 years. I am retired but still have a little work. These days I live in the rectory of Christ the King in Gothenburg, where I have been since 1988. There are five priests living here, the Pastor is a native Swede. The others serve the Croatian, Slovenian and Spanish communities here in Sweden, while I speak Polish and Swedish.

For fifteen years I worked only with Polish people but now I work more with Swedish speakers than in my native language. I celebrate Mass in the Parish every morning, as we pray Morning Prayer together with the people. Confessions are celebrated every first Friday of the month, sometimes it takes more than two hours. I also visit the sick and house bound, and also those who are sick in hospital.

In our community life in the house, we meet every Wednesday over dinner and discuss our common issues together. With Fr John and Wojciech we celebrate our Passionist feast days and holidays.

Kasimir Pawlak CP

NOTE: St Joseph’s Province had a mission in Sweden for many years, building up a young, growing, immigrant church. John McCormack, Kasimir Pawlak and Wojciech remain there, along with the Philippino Passionists who have taken on the Passionist mission in Sweden.