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3101, 2019

Reflections on Climate Change & Civil Disobedience

Climate & the Passion of the Earth by Martin Newell CP Our current globalized world began to come into being in the 19th and 20th centuries. Christians and the Churches struggled to adapt to this [...]

2801, 2019

Passio Newsletter Edition 3 now available online

December’s edition featured news from the Passionist General Chapter, including a message from Pope Francis, articles from Passionist Partners CAPs, London Mining Network and Green Christian, a feature on the photos of Sean Hawkey, and [...]

2111, 2018

Faith Inspired Saturday’s Day of Rebellion in London

Faith Inspired Saturday’s Day of Rebellion in London As Extinction Rebellion organise more protests, here's a look back to the events of last week when Passionist Priest Martin Newell was arrested as he took part [...]

1611, 2018

Key Day for Ecological Protest & Campaigning

Key Day for Ecological Protest & Campaigning 16th November 2018 Tomorrow promises to be a key day for ecological protest and campaigning in the UK as Passionist Partners Green Christian hold their Annual Members Meeting [...]

1411, 2018

Inspired by the Past, Serving The Crucified of Today

Reflection: From Dominic Barberi to Birmingham Inner City Mission 2014 14th November 2018 Austin Smith House in Sparkhill, Birmingham, is a community of prayer, hospitality and resistance which hosts destitute asylum seekers and refugees, run [...]

1311, 2018

Crucified Earth, Crucified People: In Pictures

Crucified Earth, Crucified People: The Photographs of Sean Hawkey 13th November 2018 Sean Hawkey is a documentary photographer with a focus on social justice and political advocacy. His photographs have been published widely in newspapers [...]

911, 2018

Learning to Read the Book of the Universe

Reflection from Lya Vollering: “The Passion of the Cosmic Christ” Lya is a member of Minsteracres Community in County Durham and a member of the Community of the Passion. She has a vibrant theology which [...]

811, 2018

Walking with the Crucified in Coventry

Peace House & Carriers of Hope: Walking with the Crucified 8th November 2018 St. Joseph’s Province provides support for initiatives that expose and resist misuses of power and that deliver practical responses to relieving the [...]

111, 2018

The Daily Martyrdom of Averting Evil

The Daily Martyrdom of Averting Evil 1st November 2018 Homily from Fr. Martin Newell cp, on August 28th 2016, Dominic’s Day Celebration, at the Passionist Shrine at St Anne’s and Blessed Dominic’s Church, Sutton, St [...]

3010, 2018

Spotlight on… Passionist Bursar John Thornhill

Spotlight on... John Thornhill 30th October 2018 John is the bursar and administrator for St. Joseph’s Province. He has been working with the Congregation for three years and is also a member of the Community [...]